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We take an ordinary Hershey chocolate bar and turn it into something…. Extraordinary!


These are probably the most popular candies in candy wrapping.  The regular size Hershey bar being the top in popularity.   The 5 ounce bars are great for many occasions also, Add a gift card and you have a great gifts or thank you for someone!   Or you can just give the chocolate bar! The possibilities are endless.
The kisses and Hershey miniature  are very popular  .  Great for wedding dinner tables, meeting room tables, in a bowl in the office or home, in the small bags  ,Plus much more.   Although   I am  limited as to what I can put on them, because they are obviously  smaller , but, you would be surprised what I can  fit onto them.
Another great option is mint books, these make awesome items to pass out   at trade shows, or to use as a business card!
Personalized and custom candies make a very big impression on people.
Standard Chocolate bar $1.75 each , Contact for bulk pricing
Hershey Kisses $ 0.55 each( min order of 100)
Hershey Mini $ 0.50 each contact for bulk pricing
Other items: If looking for something you don’t see, just ask!
Mintbooks: $0.75 each
Rolo/Mento :$ 1.65 each
Lifesavers: $ 1.25 each
Water bottles:$ 2.00 ( Can buy just labels, contact me)
Quart & Gallon cans: Start at $ 15 empty
Popcorn:$ 1.75 each
Hot beverage: $ 1.75 each
Suckers: $ 1.25 each
Invitations: $ 1.25 each, ask about bulk

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